Tuesday, March 6, 2018

7 Facts To Improve Your Sex Life

Sex is a good thing because it is a God-thing.  Woody Allen said that sex is the most fun you can have without laughing.  God created sex for procreation, for intimacy, and also for enjoyment -- all within the context of marriage.  Sex is meant to enhance your marriage, but for that to happen there are some things you need to know.

The following are some insights that I heard in a sermon by Tommy Nelson, one of my favorite preachers, in his sermon series on the Song of Songs.  Check it out HERE.

7 Facts To Improve Your Sex Life

First, women use sex to get romance; men use romance to get sex.

Second, women can’t get enough romance; men can’t get enough sex.

Third, men are thinking about the destination; women are thinking about the road.

Fourth, men are microwaves, women are crock pots.

Fifth, when is a man ready to have sex?  7 seconds.  That’s all it takes physically.

Sixth, what does a man have to be doing to be ready for sex?  It doesn’t matter.  Any time, any place, he’s ready.

Seventh, a woman has to be worked up for sex.  Sex at night begins first thing in the morning.  She won’t be ready unless you’ve taken out the garbage, filled the car up when it is on "E" in February, complimented her, and shown her affection.

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