Thursday, March 15, 2018

How to Prepare Your Kids For Marriage

Tommy Nelson said, "There’s only one thing worse than being single and wishing you were married, and that’s being married and wishing you were single."

Parents, you must get serious about preparing your child for marriage.  That day is coming sooner than you think, and sooner than you'd like.  Even if your child is still in single-digits, the day they walk the aisle is just right around the corner.

How can you help your kids prepare for marriage?  You must teach your kids how to tell if they are ready for marriage.  There's a difference between wanting to get married, and being ready for marriage.

There are two things that your child needs to have in place before they are ready for dating and marriage -- two marriage prerequisites.

First, your child needs to have moral purity as a single.  Sexual temptation does not subside with marriage.  It only gets harder.  If your child is struggling with sexual sin as a single, then they will struggle to be sexually faithful in marriage.

Second, your child needs to be happy as a single.  If you are not happy as a single, you will not be happily married.  Marriage does not make a miserable person happy; it makes a happy person happier.

Starting as early as possible, teach these two marriage prerequisites to your kids, and help them to develop them in their lives.

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