Thursday, March 8, 2018

We Need to Talk About Sex

Could it be that the reason our society is so confused about sex is because the church for the most part is silent on the matter?  I following fictional story by Pastor Tommy Nelson illustrates the reason the church needs to start talking about sex.  Warning:  It's very violent.
A man went to live in a community that was on a river.  He sat down to eat with them by the river, and he noticed a 1700 pound crocodile coming out of the river.  It was coming toward them, and nobody seemed to notice, so he said, “There’s a crocodile right here!”  
The woman said, “Shhh.  We don’t talk about crocodiles; it’s impolite.”  
The crocodile went and took a leg right off one of the kids.  The man screamed, “Good night!” 
The mother ran up and grabbed the kid and cried.  She said, “We don’t talk about crocodiles.”  
The crocodile grabbed another kid and dragged his screaming body back into the river and he disappeared in a pool of blood.  
The man was going into shock.  He walked up and down the river and heard crying all up and down the river and all these people weeping.  He began to notice there were a lot of kids in the community missing a leg, with gashes and wounds.  The crocodile seemed to enjoy most of all teenagers; teens went missing all the time.  And many of the teens had big, unhealed wounds all over their bodies.  The crocodile would often grab a man or a woman and break up a family.  
But nobody ever talked about crocodiles.  There were crocodile magazines. You could go into the truck stop bathroom and look on the wall and see pictures of crocodiles.  The preachers would stand up and say that crocodiles were bad and that they needed to get rid of them, but they never talked about how because it was impolite to talk about crocodiles.  They never talked about where they came from, what they ate, or what their habits were.  They didn’t want to understand them; They were just afraid of them.  
The man just continued to watch the community suffer.  Children and teens were killed.  Families were broken up.  People cried.  But they never mentioned crocodiles.
Sex is the church’s crocodile.  We don’t talk about it at home.  We don’t talk about it in school either; schools just talk about it physically and don’t talk about what God says about it.  We don’t talk about it at church because it’s dirty.  So our kids learn about it on the playground, on the streets, on the TV, in the movies, in magazines.  But kids are never really taught the truth about it, and so when they are fourteen and a crocodile comes up out of the river, it’s the most incredible urge, and the most destructive thing they’ve ever encountered.  Then young people get married, but they’ve still never learned the truth about sex.  And so many married couples go through years of pain, and sorrow, and suffering, conflict.  
It's time to talk about sex.  With our kids.  From the pulpit.  In our small groups.  God has the answers. We just need to give Him a voice.

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