Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Win for Free Speech: Pro-Life Centers Can't Be Forced to Promote Abortion

Free speech is under attack in our country like never before.  And one of the major battles has been taking place in California.

In 2015 California adopted a new law called the Reproductive FACT Act that would force pro-life centers to promote the state's low-cost abortion program.  In other words, the law would force organizations that exist for the purpose of discouraging abortion to use their resources to promote abortion.

But yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that the state of California was violating the First Amendment's protection of free speech.

This is very good news for Christians.  Many on the political left are trying to regulate speech.  They want to make it illegal to speak against homosexuality, transgenderism, and gay marriage.  They want to force Christian professionals to create art and messages that violate deeply held religious and moral beliefs.  And they tried to force pro-life centers to promote abortion.  So this is a much needed victory; a reminder to progressives that the Constitution still stands; that freedom of religion and speech will not be discarded; that they cannot so easily burn up America's Christian heritage and remake the country in their own image. 

God is doing some good things right now in our country.  Keep praying, and keep up with your civic duties.  Now is not the time to check out politically. 

Join me this Sunday at Church Acadiana for a special July 4th sermon called, "How to Vote as a Christian."  I'll be discussing religious liberty, abortion, free speech, racism, socialism, and much more!

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