Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How to Vote as a Christian

Today we are celebrating our nation's birthday.  It's a good time to thank God for allowing us to live in the USA.  We are enjoying unprecedented freedom and prosperity.  Unfortunately, the blessings we enjoy are not guaranteed to last -- for us or future generations.  Every generation must work to preserve liberty and fight against the natural drift toward immorality and government tyranny.

Christians have a moral duty to vote, and to vote for Biblical values.  Every law is based on values; the only question is whose?  Will our nation be governed according to Biblical values, or unbiblical values?  That depends on Christians.  If the righteous do not vote, then there will be no vote for righteousness.  Our goal is not a theocracy, but a nation whose laws are based on truth and justice, and the Bible is the only book that can guide us there.

How should Christians vote?  Here are five guidelines to help you vote according to Biblical values.

1) Religious liberty, no coercion.

Government is necessary, but it is not God.  The government must not attempt to force people to violate their religious beliefs and moral convictions.  Christian bakers should not be forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding.  Medical professionals should not have to participate in abortions, sex-change operations, or other procedures that violate their conscience.  Religious liberty is the first and most important freedom.  If the government grows so powerful that it can force a man to violate his conscience, then it can violate all of our freedoms.

2) Free speech, not censorship.

Some people want to do away with the first amendment and limit speech.  They want to outlaw offensive speech.  Offensive to who?  Offensive speech is actually the only kind of speech that needs to be protected.  Without free speech, whichever party is in power can dictate the words and ideas that can be verbalized.  Without free speech we lose the freedom to debate, to evangelize, to preach, to disciple our children.  There is no such thing as hate speech; only hated speech.  And that is the very speech that must be protected, because sometimes the most hated ideas are the most liberating.

3) Racial equality, not special privileges.

Racism is immoral.  All human beings are created equal.  This idea is found in the Declaration of Independence, as well as the Bible.  By God's grace America has done more than any nation in history to overcome racism.  Today racism is no longer a significant obstacle in the path of black Americans.  However there is a New Racism in America that is alive and growing.  It is not white on black racism, but black on white.  Whites are told that they are racist, even if they don't know it, and they must apologize, repent, and make reparations to make up for their sins.  All problems in the black community are blamed on "systemic" racism, without actually pointing to any racist policies, laws, or actions.  White people are not allowed to speak on the issue of racism, or about the problems in the black community.  And black people cannot be racist because they a minority.  These attitudes, as well as policies such as Affirmative Action are causing blacks to hate whites, and whites to resent blacks.  A house divided cannot stand.

4) Pro-life, not pro-abortion.

Murder is wrong, and abortion is murder.  Over sixty million unborn children have been murdered since 1973.  That's over 3,000 every single day.  If America can abolish slavery, then we can abolish abortion.  Abortion is not about a woman's right to choose.  Half of abortions are committed against baby girls.  What about their choice?  Women should be free to choose, but not to make any choice.  We are all prohibited from injuring our neighbors.  Being pro-life is not about imposing our religious beliefs on people.  Nobody should be allowed to carry out child sacrifice, regardless of their religious beliefs.

5) Capitalism, not socialism. 

Socialism is a nice synonym for communism.  And it has failed everywhere it has been tried.  Not only has it failed, but it has led to the deaths of millions of innocent people.  Socialism is not about equality; it is about power.  It is about taking your freedoms and your property and giving all control to the government, with the belief that the government will take good care of us.  But the problem is that the people in power are tainted with sin.  The more power a sinful man has, the more he will use that power to hurt the people under his care.  Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  That government is best which governs least.  Socialism is immoral because it steals a man's property at gunpoint, gives it to his neighbor, and calls it charity and compassion.  It is neither charity or compassion, but compulsion, theft, and forced labor.  Capitalism is a synonym for freedom -- freedom economics.  It is about giving people the freedom to buy, sell, and trade as they wish.  The government does nothing more than keep the rule of law, prevent theft and personal injury, and enforce contracts.  Capitalism assumes that the social problems of society will be handled best not by the government, but by families, churches, charities, humanitarians, and businesses.

Today America is ruled by two political parties.  Neither is perfect, but there are very clear and significant differences between the two.

  • Republicans are for Religious Liberty.  Democrats are for coercion.
  • Republicans are for Free Speech.  Democrats are for censorship.
  • Republicans are for Racial Equality.  Democrats are for special privileges for blacks.
  • Republicans are for Life.  Democrats are pro-abortion.
  • Republicans are for Capitalism.  Democrats are for socialism.
Do not miss an opportunity to vote.  Attend city council meetings.  Run for office.  Stay informed.  Share your opinion with gentleness and respect (and without fear).  And the next time you go to the voting booth, bring your Bible and vote for truth and justice.

Happy Fourth of July!  God bless you, and God bless America!

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