Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kavanaugh Confirmed! Now What?

Yesterday was a great day in American history.  With the Senate confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court now has a real conservative majority. 

How big is this?  This could mean the end of Roe (the right to abortion), the reversal of Obergefell (the right to same-sex marriage), the reversal of Obamacare (the right to healthcare), and the triumph of religious liberty over the radical LGBT agenda.

For the past 75 years or so the Supreme Court has been ruled by radicals who despised the Constitution.  Rather than interpreting the law, they abused their power and created new laws.  They legislated from the bench by disregarding the language and intent of the Constitution, and by inventing new rights that are nowhere to be found in the Constitution (such as the right to abortion, sodomy, and same-sex marriage).

But with the addition of Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court will return to its original purpose -- interpreting the Constitution.  The new Supreme Court will not enforce the platform of the Republican Party.  Rather, it will enforce the Constitution, and leave the law-making to Congress and the states. 

How should we pray for the new Supreme Court?  When it comes to abortion, since the Constitution does not address the issue, we should pray that the United States Congress, or at least states will outlaw the abomination.  When these new anti-abortion laws are challenged, we should pray that the Supreme Court will uphold them. 

The Constitution also does not address same-sex marriage.  There is no Constitutional right to same-sex marriage.  Therefore we should pray that states will once again pass laws prohibiting same-sex marriage, and that the Court will uphold them. 

When it comes to religious liberty, this is something the Constitution does directly address, and both Congress and the states should pass new laws which protect people who believe in traditional Christian morals, and the traditional definition of marriage, from being discriminated against by federal, state, and local governments.  And we should pray that the Supreme Court will uphold these new protections. 

So for now, let's continue to remain civically engaged by praying for our government, and by electing conservative politicians who will stand up for life, religious liberty, limited government, and individual freedom.

And let's pray that conservative Republicans will maintain control of Congress this November.

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