Does Job Fear God for Nothing?

"Does Job fear God for nothing (Job 1:9-11)?"  This question was asked by Satan.  He was implying that the only reason Job was loyal to God was because God was prospering him.  Remove the prosperity, and Job will lose his devotion to the Lord.  

Why did Satan make this assumption about Job?  The devil is not stupid.  He has been around for all of human history.  He knows human nature.  He has seen time and time again that for the most part, people love God when they prosper, but hate Him when they suffer.  They are fair-weather-friends.  

People often have unbiblical expectations of God.  They believe that God has promised to reward their devotion with health, wealth, and prosperity.  So when things go south -- sickness, death of a loved one, persecution, unemployment, martial strife, a rebellious child -- they accuse God of reneging; of breaking His word; of failing to keep His end of the bargain.  

In reality most people do not serve God because they love Him.  They don't serve God because He is worthy.  They serve God as part of a prosperity-contract.  If they will devote themselves wholeheartedly to God's purposes, then He will devote Himself wholeheartedly to their prosperity.  But when they do not prosper, they do not worship.  They do not love God, they love this world and use God for worldly gain.  

As it turned out, Job did fear God for nothing.  That is, he served the Lord because He loved God, not because of the material wealth that God had given him.  When his wealth was taken from him, he remained loyal to God.

God loves you very much, and He is preparing a place for you in paradise where You will spend all eternity in His presence without sin, sorrow, or suffering.  But He does not promise us heaven on earth.  He allows us to suffer for His glory and for our growth.  He prevents us from prospering when He knows that prosperity will drive us away from Him.  Heaven is for our comfort.  Earth is for our growth and service.  Don't get the two mixed up.  

What about you?  Do you fear God for nothing?  Or do you expect some sort of temporal compensation for your services -- be it health, wealth, or success?


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