How the Church Can Get Ready for Company

The church exists to reach the lost and build them up in Christ.  "The church that doesn't evangelize will fossilize (Greg Laurie)."  One of the ways to reach your lost friends is to bring them to church to hear the gospel.  But the church needs to do our part by getting ready for company.  When lost people show up, we want to put our best foot forward.  We want to roll out the red carpet.  We want lost people to feel welcome, comfortable, and to have a meaningful time with us.  So, how can the church get ready for company?  There are five things that every church member can do to help the church get ready for company so that unchurched guests have a wonderful experience.  

One:  The parking principle.  Leave the best parking spots for newcomers.

Two:  The seating principle.  If we want newcomers to feel as comfortable as possible, we need to leave them the best seats – in the back, near the aisle.  

Three:  The five-minute principle.  Spend five minutes after church introducing yourself to new people before you head to lunch.  If there are no new people, then spend this time fellowshipping with each other.

Four:  The ten-foot principle.  Any time you come within ten feet of someone in the church, smile and say hello.

Five:  The magnetic principle.  Act like a magnet on Sunday to two kinds of people:  Newcomers, and loners.  When you see a newcomer, make a beeline, and welcome them.  When you see a loner, go and talk to them.  Go and sit by them.  This especially applies to the outgoing extraverts in our church.  We need you, so use your gifts in the church.  

We are already a loving and friendly church, and we want unbelievers and newcomers to feel welcome and loved.  But if the church isn't intentionally warm and friendly, then it will be unintentionally cold and unfriendly.  So, join me and let's work together to get ready for company.  And may God continue to use us to reach the lost in Acadiana.  


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