Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Reasons for Fasting

What is fasting?  Fasting is going without food for a period of time to add power to your prayers.  The following are examples of fasting in the Bible:
  1. David fasted for his newborn son to be healed of a deadly illness.  2 Sam 12:15-19
  2. Jehoshaphat led the nation of Judah to fast for protection from their enemies.  2 Chron 20:1-4
  3. Ezra and the Jews fasted for safety as they traveled from Babylon to Jerusalem.  Ezra 8:21-23
  4. Nehemiah fasted for the remnant in Jerusalem, as well as for favor in the eyes of the king of Persia.  Neh 1:4, 11
  5. The nation of Israel fasted to rededicate themselves to God.  Neh 9:1-4
  6. Mordecai and the Jews fasted for God's help when they heard about the king's edict that all the Jews throughout the kingdom were to be annihilated.  Est 4:1-4
  7. Esther, Mordecai, and all the Jews fasted for the king of Persia to show them favor and help them against their enemies.  Est 4:15-16
  8. David fasted for his friends when they were sick.  Ps 35:13-14
  9. King Darius spent the night fasting for Daniel's safety when he was in the lion's den.  Dan 6:18
  10. God commanded the people of Israel to repent and turn to God with "fasting, weeping, and mourning."  Joel 2:13-15
  11. The people of Nineveh fasted and dressed in sackcloth in a spirit of repentance, seeking God's mercy.  Jonah 3:5
  12. Jesus said that some things are only possible by prayer and fasting, such as the exorcism of certain demons.  Mark 9:29
  13. The early church fasted for God to bless the work of their missionaries.  Acts 14:23
As you can see, there are many reasons to fast.  You can fast for any reason.  Any time you want to add more power to your prayer, try fasting.  Any time you are in desperate need for God to move, add fasting to your prayers.

Beginning with the week of Ash Wednesday (Feb 26, the first day of Lent), I am inviting Church Acadiana to join me in fasting one day a week until Easter Sunday.  We will praying for our church's health and for the Easter Outreach.  If you are a part of Church Acadiana, I encourage to participate with us.

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