Thursday, August 14, 2014

How To Reach The Next Generation

One of my primary passions is reaching the next generation for Jesus Christ.  And not merely reaching my own kids, but reaching the kids in my community for Christ.  And I am convinced that the key to reaching the next generation is parents -- parents doing what God has called them to do.

Unfortunately the modern definition of good parenting has been reduced to care-giving -- provide food, clothing, shelter, affection, and make sure to chauffeur them to the right places so others can teach them.  That has not worked, and it is not working.

I'm calling for parents to once again embrace their God-given calling of personally discipling their kids.  Here's what I mean.  For years I believed that the parenting task was to make sure that their kids were discipled (taught how to follow Christ).  It didn't matter who did the discipling, as long as it got done.  But then I had a breakthrough.  I came to see that it DID matter who did the discipling.  The parenting assignment is not just to make sure it gets done, but to be the primary discpler in your child's life.  Can you get help from others?  Yes, as long as you are the primary discipler in your child's life.

The key to reaching the next generation for Christ is parents getting serious about discipling their kids -- not delegating this task to the Sunday School teacher, youth minister, pastor, or Christian school teacher.  For me, this means 4 nights a week, EVERY week, I sit down with my kids and teach them about God.  This is how to reach the next generation.

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