Reaching The Next Gen :: Normal Isn't Working

At Church Acadiana, our strategy for reaching the next generation is this:  We equip and exhort parents for home discipleship, and then enable them to do church with their kids as a shared experience.

 I know that is not the normal way that churches today are trying to reach kids and youth.  But here's what I would say to that.  Normal isn't working.  The normal approach to reaching the next generation is not working.  Recently a study by Barna found that 61 percent of college students who had been churched at one point during their teen years are now spiritually disengaged.  In other words, they do not read their Bible, pray or attend church.  Think about that for a moment.  The church is losing six out of ten kids to the world.  Normal isn't working.

That's why our church is a part of a growing movement of churches around the country that are putting discipleship back into the hands of the parents, rather than churches trying to do the job for parents. 


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