Avoiding Social Interaction is the Point

Recently at a family holiday gathering the subject of homeschooling came up.  Someone asked a young mother of two very little children if she was planning to homeschool.  She said she hadn't given it much thought, but that her husband was concerned that homeschooling would somehow deprive the kids of much needed social interaction. 

I'm so sick of this nonsense.  The social objection to homeschooling is a modern urban myth.  It's widely accepted that homeschooling will somehow leave your kids socially retarded.  What a bunch of baloney. 

Studies have already proven overwhelmingly that homeschool kids far surpass other kids in the social department.  So not only is homeschooling better academically, it is better by far socially.

When the young woman raised the social objection, I had to interject.  And I always have to be careful because I'm so passionate about this issue.  Righteous indignation overcomes me when people display such ignorance over such an important issue -- the raising of the next generation.  I said, "Avoiding social interaction is the point!"  She looked at me shocked.  Everybody did.  I continued, "Keeping your kids away from the other kids at school and the teachers and administrators who you hardly know is the whole idea behind homeschooling.  Hanging around other kids all day is how your kids are going to pick up bad language, bad attitudes, bad habits and bad ideas."

The Bible is clear that bad company corrupts good character.  And at such a young age, children and adolescents are not strong enough to avoid being corrupted by bad influences.  That's why God has given them parents to protect them from harmful influences that are too powerful to resist.

If you want to control your child's character and worldview formation, the most counterproductive thing you can do is to let them spend 8-10 hours a day for 12-13 years of their life with other kids and other adults.  Don't be surprised when they grow up to be the opposite of what you hoped.  Studies show that 70-88% of Christian kids are leaving the church after high school.  That's because 90% of Christians send their kids to public school.  If you want a different outcome, you need a different approach.

For more on this topic, check out the documentary "Indoctrination:  Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America" on YouTube, and buy book.  Must reading for Christian parents. 

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