This is How We Will Change The World

At Church Acadiana we have a unique vision that can radically change the world for Christ.  What is it? 

We want to reach the next generation by equipping parents for home discipleship.  

There are two parts to this vision.  First, we want to equip parents for home discipleship.  Instead of discipling kids for parents, we will equip parents to do the discipling.  Why home discipleship? 

  • It is Biblical.  Parents are specifically commanded to disciple their children (not to delegate that task to others).  See Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Ephesians 6:4, and the entire book of Proverbs.
  • It is more effective.  There is something uniquely powerful when a child is being discipled by their parents.  It could be that there is a stronger bond of love and trust.  It could be that the parent better knows the child's needs.  It could be that there is more personal attention.  It could be that the parent can add discipline to discipleship.  Or all of the above.
  • It allows for more time.  If kids are only discipled at church, that will only be one or two times a week.  But home discipleship can happen every day of the week, and can last as long as the parent needs.
Second, we want to enable families to do church together.  We are a family-integrated church, which means we keep families together at church rather than dividing them into age-segregated ministries.  Why family-integration?
  • To continue discipleship at church.  Home discipleship shouldn't end at home.  Because families do church together, home discipleship can continue at church.  By doing church together, parents can model the faith for their kids, and can observe their kid's faith for more effective coaching.
  • To avoid sending the wrong message.  As soon as the church starts discipling kids, parents stop.  They transition from discipling their kids to dropping them off to be discipled.  It's inevitable.
  • To raise the level of maturity in everyone.  Family-integration pushes everyone to mature faster because the kids are watching the adults, and the adults are watching the kids.  Kids are forced to behave because they are sitting next to their parents, and they grow in maturity because they are surrounded by mature adults.  And adults actually rise in maturity, too, because they have lots of little eyes watching their every move.  No more snoozing or goofing off in church -- for anybody!
Two-thirds of students are leaving the church after high school.  Church-as-usual isn't working.  If we could equip parents to disciple their kids, then we could reach the next generation.  This is how we will change the world!  We're starting a home-discipleship, family-integrated movement.  Will you join us?


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