How To Spend More Time With Your Kids

Most parents would like to spend more time with their kids.  And most kids would definitely like to spend more time with their parents.  But how?  There's only so much time in the day, right?  Well, there's actually a simple way to spend more time with your kids.  But it's not going to be easy.  According to Nielsen the average American spends almost 5 hours a day watching TV.  That's over 150 hours a month!  And most people would agree that that's not the best use of time.  So here's a simple way to increase family time:  Turn the TV off until the kids go to bed.  Don't worry; I'm not suggesting that you throw the TV away.  Just keep it off until the kids go to bed.

At my house our kids never play video games, and they are only allowed to watch TV on the weekends.  We'd rather they spend their free time reading, playing, and talking.  So during the week, Lydia and I don't watch TV either until the kids go to bed.  As well, rather than escape to the bedroom, we intentionally hang with the kids in the living room (the kids can go to their room if they choose).  That doesn't mean we are actually playing or talking with the kids that entire time (usually I'll just relax on the couch with a good book).  But keeping the TV off does make us more accessible and leads to much more quality time with the kids.  And when my kids are all grown up, that's not something I'll regret.

So if you're looking for more family-time, try this:  Turn off the TV until the kids go to bed. 


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