My Best Marriage Advice

What's my best marriage advice?  Focus on the continuous improvement of your personal flaws.  

People get into all kinds of trouble when they focus on their spouse’s flaws, and on trying to change their spouse.  Focusing on your spouse’s flaws will cause you to get lost in a jungle of regret, resentment, and sorrow.  Focusing on your flaws will cause you to be more thankful and forgiving of your spouse because you will easily see that you are far more flawed than them.  

Focusing on improving and changing your spouse will result in frustration and anger because it is impossible to change someone.  Focusing on personal improvement will endear you to your spouse, make you happier, and inspire your spouse to work on their own flaws.  

This is not to say that you should never talk to your spouse about their hurtful or unattractive behaviors; there is a time for that, but it is seldom.  The majority of your time and energy should be spent on working out your own flaws, because there is far more to do there, and it is much easier to change yourself than to change each other.  

As you both continue to grow, you will find each other more and more lovely and attractive.

So, how do you need to grow to be a better spouse?  


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