Why I'm Voting For Trump (And You Should Too)

Early voting is happening right now.  If you live in South Lafayette Parish, just drive to the public library in Youngsville and cast your vote today (through October 27).  It only takes a few minutes and it beats navigating the crowds on election day.

Just as I did in 2016, in the upcoming presidential election I'm casting my vote for Trump.  Here are five reasons why.

Life.  Trump is the most pro-life president we've ever had.  Joe Biden is passionate about protecting a woman's right to infanticide from conception to birth.  If a pregnant woman smokes and drinks, the Democrats call her evil, but if a pregnant woman aborts her unborn child, they call her brave.
"The unborn aren’t potential human beings.  Rather, they are human beings with great potential."  Steve Wagner, Justice for All    
Liberty.  (1) Religious liberty.  Trump has been a great ally to Christians.  He wants to protect and extend religious liberty, whereas Biden and the Democrats would like to punish Christians for not adapting their beliefs and morals to the times.  (2) Free speech.  Joe Biden and the Democrats are behind the "awokening" of America and the nightmare of "Cancel Culture."  They want to silence anyone they don't agree with.  (3) Second Amendment.  Biden and the Democrats want to take your guns away so you can't defend yourself from thugs or an overreaching government.  Don't let them talk you in to sacrificing your freedom for the false promise of security.  It won't happen.
“The conditions of freedom do not simply occur, and they do not simply persist.  Humanity must fight to establish them, struggle to maintain them, and sacrifice to defend them.”  Justin D. Lyons, Heritage Foundation 
Law and order.  President Trump has received the support of just about every police department and police union in the country.  Why?  Because Biden and the Democrats support Antifa (domestic terrorists), Black Lives Matter (an admittedly Marxist organization), rioting and destroying private property in the name of social justice, and defunding the police.
"Here’s the truth: Time-tested traditional law enforcement solutions work, and that’s the reason that over the past three years, the Trump administration has pushed new grants for violent crime investigation, as well as higher funds to improve the skills of law enforcement personnel."  Horace Cooper, Project 21
Low taxes.  Biden wants to get rid of the Trump tax cuts, which means he wants to raise your taxes, and he wants to raise the taxes of businesses and wealthy people.  This is horrible for the economy.  Trump wants to keep taxes low so you have more control over your hard-earned money.  Before the China-virus Trump led our nation to the greatest economic boom we've ever seen, and it's already roaring back.  
“Our tax code is a giant, self-inflicted economic wound.”  Donald Trump, President
Limited government.  Joe Biden and the Democrats see the government as God.  They are socialists.  They believe the government should have control over every aspect of your life and business.  They want the government to solve every problem in society, and to control and regulate everything (they're convinced the world will end in a few years due to global warming).  Trump is all about deregulation and limited government.  He wants the government to do less and less, leaving you alone to live your life and run your business.
"A government big enough to give us everything we want is big enough to take everything we have."  Gerald Ford, President


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